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Scared for Our Children

It was with much excitement, that I was able to follow the lecture of Dr. Scheiner and Dr. Carlo on Wednesday evening.

As this wireless technology is so useful and so comfortable, I had closed my eyes to the dangers surrounding it for too many years.

When I eventually became very ill, I still didn´t want to accept the fact that mobile phones, DECT and Bluetooth were the cause of my illness.

Being a mother of two children, I felt compelled to act in a responsible manner.

Over a year ago, we decided to remove every wireless item from our surroundings. As a result of our decision we are all feeling much better now.

Unfortunately, we have no influence on gaining an environment, free of radiation. The industry will continue to prevent us in doing so...

Only if we join together, can we make sure that our children will grow up in a healthy environment.

Dr. Scheiner and Dr. Carlo are very courageous people. Hearty thanks to them both and their team for their excellent work.

Wishing us all success with the HWV-Project!

A Mother from Bavaria