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Help For Wireless Victims

Your Questions Answered

What is the aim of the program?

HWV was created to help those who are suffering now.

Clinical Director: Dr. Scheiner, utilizing his unique background and experience in this area, has been treating thousands of patients with a combined approach of traditional and complimentary medical interventions for over 15 years.

Advocacy Director: Dr. Carlo is uniquely positioned as one of the worldwide leading experts in EMR science. He is directing the science and oversight of the HWV organization. The funding for this program falls under the auspices of the Science and Public Policy Institute founded in 1992.

The Help for Wireless Victims intends:

It is the aim of these negotiations to secure payment of medical treatment costs for the claimants, to repay the costs incurred from damage to date and to agree on a compensation settlement that is commensurate with the damages.

To join the program I must pay 250 Euro? Will there be further costs and what does that amount pay for?

After the initial 250 Euro to join, there will be no further costs for participants in the HWV Program. Your package includes a melatonin screening, risk assessment, customized diagnosis protocols, and customized intervention prescription, all delivered by top experts in the world. If you were to have these tests conducted individually by your physician, it would cost twice this one time fee.

Beyond the initial payment of 250 Euro, the program takes care of all costs for clinical development as well as advocacy work and covers all costs incurred world wide. The collection and use of data for individual medical analysis is included. This is obtained via a risk assessment package which contains a scientifically developed internationally coordinated questionnaire. Medical screening of individual damage and a customized diagnoses, treatment and intervention protocol is developed and provided to each participant.

Assembly and expansion of a scientific team is being established in the USA composed of medical experts, the first of which are in Germany. We will quickly expand the scientific and medical teams into a world wide group of highly regarded and qualified experts.

Other costs which are covered will include:

We can only express in a short list all that is included; however there are several other costs that will arise throughout this process that have been budgeted for and are expected.

Who will be handling the money from participants?

The current trustee account is with Deutsche Bank, Bochum, Germany, and is managed by the accounting firm Peter Albrecht, Frankenstraße in Essen. A finance plan and budget are being developed by our Board of Trustees. For the start up of this program we are being managed by a temporary Board of Trustees. Many decisions are being made at the time of writing the response to this question. It is critical to ensure we have the correct management team in place to ensure the success and financial security of this project.

How will you be able to measure the success of the HWV program?

HWV’s success will be measured by following the same format used in the past to resolve public demand for action regarding asbestos, tobacco, and the Dalkon Shield. All of these cases were either settled out of court or a new law enacted which resulted in providing sick people with screening, diagnosis, treatment and compensation.

HWV intends to follow the same courses of action taken in these previous cases and ensures we will successfully reach the goals of the HWV Program.

Won’t the mobile phone industry or other groups who have investments in the mobile phone industry try to stop this kind of project?

Continuous strategic media relations and direct contact with the public are key to the project. For example, we held an event on January 16 that attracted over 520 citizens in Munich to hear about this project! People need help and with this kind of interest we will be able to continue our work and get our messages out to people who want to know.

This is particularly important since the public perception of a strong international group in the HWV Program will lend additional weight to public discussion and lead to serious consideration of this issue. Ultimately, the suffering of many people can no longer be discredited as a merely psychological problem.

If I understand the program structure, will Dr. Scheiner handle the medical side of the project for Germany? Will his work be a part of the international program or only in Germany?

On the medical side, we plan to build a world wide network of inpatient and outpatient facilities, run according to complementary medicine principles for diagnosis and therapy. The latest international biophysical cell research confirms this holistic approach. The protocol for the international facilities will be constructed, in principle, from the practice of Dr. Scheiner. By duplicating Dr. Scheiner’s screening, diagnosis and treatment protocols, he will be involved in the project on an international level. But to further answer this question, Dr. Scheiner is the expert on the HWV project to represent the interests of the German people. His first priority and his passion is helping sick people in his own country. The HWV project looks to Dr. Scheiner and his level of experience and expertise to help the German people and create the intervention templates for clinics world-wide.

Who is the German HWV team? Is this the team for the whole world project or just in Germany?

HWV is a non-profit branch under the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI), based in Washington, D.C. in the United States.

The clinical and medical team for the German branch of the HWV project is Dr. Hans-Christoph Scheiner and Ana Scheiner. Their role in this global effort is to establish screening, diagnosis, treatment protocols which HWV will use world wide. Dr. George Carlo represent the project at large. Dr. George Carlo is the Project’s Senior Director responsible for the scientific and advocacy programs. His work and offices are based in the oversees development and implementation of the project in each country and co-ordinates among the interests, initiatives and project structure of each country from Washington, D.C. Ms. Tripp’s background and area of expertise is in organization and project management.

There is also a team of staff and professional translators who support this project located in the US and UK.

As we set up the project in each country, we will enlist a medical expert in each country who can speak to the needs of the people. They will become a part of the International Board of Directors who will work with one another to maintain a standard level of protocols as previously discussed.

Since October 2007, the entire HWV team has been working on a volunteer basis because of their dedication and personal interest in the creation and development of the HWV program.

You have a very dedicated team who has the common goal of getting medical help and compensation to people who are sick.

Each one of us believes that we have an once-in-a-lifetime chance and a mission to change the world. This is enough to keep us motivated!

Who should join HWV?

This program is for both people who have symptoms and for people who are not yet symptomatic. Emphasis on “not yet” symptomatic. By the time people become symptomatic they have already suffered much damage on a cellular level and become subject to many other illnesses and diseases.

What are the project’s initiatives?

There are world wide dangers and a lack of protection for users of wireless technology. As science evolves it is evident that wireless technology contains ambient waves; it has also become evident that the radio wave concentration has become so high that there are biological effects. Everyone is experiencing some type of symptoms from the ambient waves. We are now seeing scores of victims affected by information carrying radio waves through a mechanism whereby cells are stressed to the point of locking in a sympathetic state. Every organ and system in the body is affected. Our goal is to help those people who are ill via known science through the application of medical intervention.

The HWV plan is to provide a screening and treatment protocol which those affected can take to their own practitioner or a practitioner in our network to help with their individual symptoms or illness. An intervention recommendation plan will help those who may not be aware of all the solutions available to them; in their home environments, for example.

We intend to have this funded by those responsible for the harm. Mankind has been here before: hazardous waste sites, the Dalkon Shield, tobacco, asbestos etc…In each case, there has been long-term litigation with lawyers, expenditures of countless millions of dollars and wasted years. All cases were ultimately settled in the same way – by providing, screening, diagnosis, treatment and compensation to those who suffered harm. HWV is modelled in this exact manner with the intention that government, the industry and any and all responsible parties provide necessary financial support.

HWV is beginning in Germany with North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand ready to follow. This is a critical point in time when Doctors and Scientists must take action collaboratively and proactively. There are 3.5, soon to be 4, billion wireless phones world-wide causing unprecedented risk to human kind and the entire global environment. This mechanism of harm impacts every process occurring in living organisms. We anticipate an epidemic of health problems within a very short time, with many diseases already becoming apparent. HWV is looking to start here and stop a global epidemic.

Why doesn’t my Doctor know how to help me with my EHS symptoms?

There are few Doctors who understand the problem. It takes 5-10 years for new conditions and information to enter the mainstream medical process, get into medical protocols and into medical training. One goal of HWV is to duplicate clinics with specific protocols and procedures designed to help people by providing access to medical professionals who have been trained to fully understand the problem and how to help those who are or are becoming ill. HWV is close to opening a clinic in the US using the HWV protocol. Our plan includes opening and operating these clinics around the world.

If people are aware that there is a problem with wireless technology then why would we do this to our own human species and the environment?

Many years have been spent trying to understand the answer to this question. It has to do with our need for rapid and efficient communication, not the wireless technology itself. Wireless is but one option in achieving our rapid communication goals. However, the telecommunications industry has deliberately distorted what it is the public needs and has deliberately created artificial demand for rapid deployment of wireless as the only option. The consumers simply want to communicate – but the industry has caused the explosion of wireless technology by marketing, for example, the new i-Phone and other phones that include cameras, televisions and other gadgets. A US poll in 2007 shoved that, 80% of consumers said that they had no real desire or need for such options that were not necessities. The real message is that the need is to communicate rapidly – not communicate only wirelessly.

The mobile phone industry has billions of dollars/Euros etc. at their disposal with support from governments and organizations. Where will the money and the manpower come from to face this problem?

Our HWV intention is to help individual people who are ill. Once we gain a critical mass of people, it cannot be denied that these ill people need help. Currently, industry studies in the US and around the world have created doubt and confusion amongst consumers; this is what the industry wants so people continue to use the technology. Now, there are millions who are sick. Thirty thousand have reported sick in the US through the SWI survey and, in a recent study in Germany, Dr. Scheiner has reported another 3,000. This is a very significant medical problem which cannot be denied. The fact that 520 citizens came to listen to Dr. Scheiner and Dr. Carlo speak on this issue at a recent public meeting proves people want to know what is going on. Ironically, the fact that only a few journalists came to a press conference (January 18, 2008) with Dr. Scheiner and Dr. Carlo is an indication that there is a reluctance to report on this problem. Some reporters actually volunteered that pressure from the industry was conveyed to them by editors. This problem must, therefore, be dealt with at the “grass roots” level – by individual people with their individual doctors. Public policy changes to fix the problems could be many, many years away.

Is there a way to provide the people with safer communication? What are the alternatives to wireless?

Of course there are safer alternatives! HWV will be supporting the development of fiber-optic technology infrastructure and other alternatives. What many may not realize is that there are already millions of miles of fiber-optic cable in place; however, until there is public demand, and a financial incentive for new technology, the industry will not make the changes necessary to save lives.

How will people who are so sick they cannot leave their homes be able to get involved with this program? Many people who are EHS cannot use a computer or go into an area with Wi-Fi how can they participate?

The HWV will adapt the program to meet the needs of these people. We have found that many of these people are part of a network so we may be able to work through group leaders and will use the postal system and email for people who may be completely isolated. HWV also has a phone number for people who cannot use a computer. We would recommend that groups organize a point of contact to distribute your information. We would be happy to work with you through your point of contact.

What does the “Medical Risk Assessment” entail?

Once you register and HWV receives your payment, we will send you a Medical Risk Assessment package. It includes the scientifically developed Risk Assessment Questionnaire which is used internationally, and is designed to provide relevant information to our research analysts so that your symptoms, exposure levels and subsequent illnesses or injuries due to EMR exposure can be evaluated. The package also includes a demographic questionnaire to gather your insurance information, practitioner information and any other important case history documentation. In addition, there is an option to participate in a melatonin risk screen and study. The cost of this option is included in the initial payment.

What is a “Treatment Protocol” and how does that work?

The Treatment Protocol is developed based on your individual needs as defined by your Medical Risk Assessment. Your specific protocol is designed in a checklist format so that you can take it with you to the practitioner of your choice or a practitioner in our informed clinician referral network. As EMF related illnesses and symptoms are still fairly new in to the medical field, we will build you a treatment protocol which any practitioner can follow.

What is included in the “Intervention Recommendations”?

Intervention Recommendations will be developed for you based on your individual Medical Risk Assessment evaluation. Once we are able to analyse your condition, symptoms or exposure level, we will be ale to determine immediate actions for you to take to minimize your exposure and symptoms.

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